On a high plateau, Philippines,

Negros Island so fair!

No weeds, skunks, just gorgeous plant life,

Enemy loved it there!



Just who would not?  So much like their own

In the Highlands, up 5,000 feet.

Sure, “This we much like!  We claim it now!”

“From Americans we may meet.”



Just not to be!  For we gave it all back

To the natives it goes!

Sure, then they claimed Independence

We returned, everyone knows!



Why I adore this great land of ours?

America the fair!

Sure, we do have problems, criminals, too!

They spring up everywhere!



But we have freedom!  Just what does that mean?

Can we then do as we please?

Only when no interference

With the others needs!



So on this night, on this high plateau,

Our foxholes along side,

I spilled my guts to our squad leader,

Al.  One name that abides!



So why the surprise called me Rev?

Just Rev and preach, of course.

Then I figured, Squad leader had spilled

His guts, par for the course!



Sure, Army gossip comes loud and clear!

Fighting not all we do!

You know, God used to make the call clear

Then joined that preaching crew!



Thanks much to that band of sinners back there!

Wonder, do any still live?

Sure, they knew.  They made call so clear!

This call from God, did they give?  No!



Sure, I am 93 now!  And do you suppose that

Some of them went to Heaven?

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ…” to be saved!

Maybe, like six or seven!



Did my witness take?

Sure, I will know in Heaven!



Looking forward!

The Sam  01.05.12

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