Daydream of Heaven, sure!

What else is new?

A true confession

What better to do?



My 93 years tells me

That Glory is close!

And every so often, sure,

I do get a dose.



Dose of Heavenly Kingdom

And what it is all like!

Will God preach at us?

And does He use a mike?



Or will Angels take us to orbs around?

Guide until we are used to

All the sights and the sounds.

Will God need a mike?



Endless space and

Eternal that is forever!

Limitless walls to surround?

No never!



Sure, He was working creating for us

Even though we were nothing but dust!

But a King!  Whatever can be left to say?

Of course, He rules all!  Along with night and the day!



No doubt that He made us, so we are most important!

Consider also, oft actions of evil deportment,

But He does forgive!  I look up and see

A hill far away, Calvary!



Calvary up there.  Up, of course!  “It is a hill!”

Where all may come and stare at the kill!

Ogle it!  Stare sure!  And not just by chance.

Oooh it and aaah it.  More than just a glance!



Soon mouths fly open!  Hands clapping, I see!

Sure, someone said it, He’s dying for me!

So why are not you laughing?  It is just a joke!

Sure, did not know you were one of those folk?



One of those folk, who see Heaven’s light,

Bliss there awaits where there is no night!

One of those folk, my eyes open wide!

Why did it take me so long to decide?



the Sam  01.06.12

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