World War (the 2nd) I remember,

Negros, Philippine Isle.

First Scouts, I led a patrol,

We covered many a mile.



Everyday, no Sabbaticals,

Sundays, Christmases, too.

Sure, I remember, remembering,

No off days, fighting to do!



What were we eating way back then?

Chicken (?)  Turkey (?)  the works (?)

Forget it,  just ‘K’ rations!  That is it!

Packets of soups, coffee, perks.



Delighted?  Sure!  After six months

Of combat continuous!

Major, got to forget his name,

Sure, forgotten that cross!



Lost thirty pounds that first 6 months!

Not hungry what then?  Fear?

Always and more, sheer  monotony!

Walk, walk, walk, comes near.



Walking fast!  From a guy in the rear yells,

“Slow down, Sam!”  Sure, gets shot!

“Lead poisoning,”  back then it was called!

He yelled so he like bought!



Rained at night my poncho torn!

So I am soaked, good bath,

2 feet of water!  About covered me!

Got used to that, like, fast!



Did I lose it?  One crazy night?  Stood

Below trees in plain view,

Waved a grenade then planted it!

Knew they wanted it, too!



I stayed awake with one more grenade.

Darkness then footsteps below!

Threw my grenade through those trees above,

In war just anything goes!



We fight to keep peace always,

Of course, that is the bit.

Simple as all get out, of course,

Men died answering it!



God help us!


the Sam 01.04.12

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