Dear Lord, another Christmas gone!

One Grandson needs work

Prayed for him.  His expression showed faith

This boy, work  will not shirk!



Never saw his smile quite so bright

As we said our goodbyes.

Look of Faith that expression, right!

Right for another try!



Then Brooke, Matthew’s kid sister,

Gave me a poem she had written.

Admittedly very good!

Must type it for her, it is fitting!



One flirty wife, need to pray for her,

All told wonderful family!

Matt, is a real soul winner!

Perfect example for me!



Dear God, please bless this family of mine,

Really covet them all for You!

That youngest son another Bible name.

Pray he will soon come through!



All of them the Great-grand kids,

Ron, my son, troubled boy.

Heart crying out for him, his pain

Devil will not destroy!



Unless permitted, Dear Jesus, please!

Guard him!  Precious to me!

Please see him through this difficult time,

As You only can decree!



What accomplishments this season

Way too much sweet stuff, I think!

Queasy stomach, I do (did) inherit!

It should all go down the sink!



“Throw up time!” can you like dig it?

Table stuffed!  Belly, too.

Food fantastic but all that sweet stuff.

Should know better!  How true!



God forgive me!  Sure, Christmas means more!

Than “Merry” or Santa Claus,

Table full to over flowing

Stuff that stocking, think!   Pause…



Shepherds out on the plains, knew better.

Followed that Star.  Child is born!

Do we worship Him who saves us?

Or stuffed belly adorn?



(Stuffed  –  Sam’l!) 12.27.11

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