Just do not understand how can He love,

How can He love this sinner?

Screaming for blood, “Take Him out!”

Cannot be a winner!



But a criminal deserving death!

The hanging!  Dying in pain!

Was he cursing his own worthless life

Echoing in disdain?



Angry curses of the others?

Cross on the other side.

Vile vituperation spilling

Over to deride!



One in the center, blood dripping down,

Thorns digging into His head!

But calm in His utter agony!

Thought HIM already dead!



But no!  Lips moved!  “This for you!”

For me did He say?

Flood of emotion!  Overcoming!

His head shook  in dismay.



 Acceptance then “For me?  For my sins?”

Tears flowed.   Then angrily:

“This man has done nothing wrong!”

We are punished for crimes.



Face clearly registers agony.

“This man has done no wrong!”

We die for crimes committed!

“…remember me when you come…”



His Face shows His love. “For your sins I die!”

Then, “This day in Paradise–“

For every sinner who repents this

Painful price!



But He arose!  Can any kill God?

Although the agony,

So very real that He suffered,

Yes!  Did it for me!



I am crucified with Christ

Never-the-less I live!  Yet, not I but

Christ in me.

the Sam 12.14.11

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