Sri Lanka once was Ceylon!

I, ten years of age, remembered

Dark depths of the ocean beaconed to us

Mother was even tempered.



“Sure, go ahead, take your bath!”  We excellent swimmers!

She sat on the slanting bank watching a couple swimming winners!

We were shocked ocean water warm!  And drop down depths surprising!

No other swimmers around, but not to waste time and the swimming!



“Far enough out!”  Soon mother called

So why were we glad to obey?

Pockets were full of small black snakes!

Big Momma not far away!



Emptied pockets snakes wiggled up, of course!  Mother shrieked, cannot blame.

“They are harmless, mommy!”  We exclaimed but snakes are snakes.  It is the name!

“Garden of Eden”  Sure, they have a bad name!  Snakes the tempter there.

“Come on eat!  Sure, delicious fruit!”  Satan and snake compare!



King snake coiled round my arm.

Showed a friend standing near.

“Hey!  Get that thing away!” he yelled.

Sure, snakes are here to fear!



“But he’s a friend, kills rattlers!

“No—no!  I don’t care!  It is a snake!”

Pretty colors!  Do not you agree?

No-no, just take that think away!



Looked that King square in the eye.  It was not afraid!

Forked tongue never showed at all.  A friend I had made!



Then I knew its predicament.

Sliding side of the berm.

Tried to climb up  just slid back down!

With every twist and turn!



Sure, the coiling about my arm.  Did finally get through to me

Then carried him safely up to the grass, wriggled off gratefully


Stopped, looked back at me once!

As though to say thanks.

Looking up I said, “you are welcome little guy.”

Should this squelch the cranks?



One snake in that garden, the temper,

Guess most can compare,

But the King, sure, that name they gave it

One had a friend back there!



the Sam

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