I want to see You!

Look into those eyes!

Penetrating thought provoking.

Eyes that all comprise!



Nothing hidden at all from You!

Saw me as a small boy!

Yes, shaking my fist in your face!

Nor did You destroy!



You understood my pain, my tears,

Blaming You in anger!

Did not strike me dead!  Instead

Became my commander!



Sure my own Commander in Chief

Making me a Captain.

Leading me to lead many others

Within this great Nation!




A schoolhouse in Missouri sticks

Your enemies provoking!

You held them back protecting us

Their deviltries revoking!



Then enemies of our Country!

Protection from You failed not!

My combat zone the Philippines.

In Negros Isle I fought!



Could have been killed a thousand times.

Just how many came close

Not a wound!  Nor even a scratch!

Though had a double dose!



After that service I served the King!

In about ten stations

Across our land, like, a three-year man.

In this greatest Nation!



How can I not love this country?

Sure, a Yankee-Doodle man!

God gave us unlimited freedom

As only our God can!



United States, sure, we have suffered discords,

But can anyone deny?

Our freedom permits even such discords,

God’s goodness can comply!



the Sam  12.18.11

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