That night after planting the grenade,

Booby-trap, they could see!

Stayed wide awake, adrenalin, you know.

Caring not they could see me!



A positive thought, one more grenade.

Would stay awake I would hear

Ears good could pick up night sounds!

Of this I had no fear!



Discovered later, they saw me clearly!

Sure, it was a false sense

Of security and perhaps God permitted

A part of my defense(?)



Night of surprises, I could pick up their tread,

Sure, it was soft  but I heard!

Like, two of them.  Night was so still!

Did God then under-gird?



Of course He did!  Protected me, too!

Where would I be without Him?

A prisoner or cold dear for sure!

I heard through moonlight dim.



Got grenade ready.  Heard footsteps below,

Barely discernible true!

But could hear!  And not imagination!

Then did what I had to do!



Tossed that thing through tree-tops above.

Double explosion there!

Awakened our sleepers on down the line.

“Oh, just Sam…”  Someone shared.



Then faint the sound I heard coming through

Someone dragging another.

Then Japanese officer screaming down there!

Frustration to discover!



Thwarted all their plans!  Soon the surrender,

Thirteen-hundred or more.

They glad to give up!  They out of smokes!

Then satisfied to the core.



“Might is right.”  No right is right!

Considering differences.

“In God we trust!”  Enemy not!

It was just no contest!



the Sam  12.06.11

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