I deliberately baited them

As from that path below.

Saw in that gully hidden by brush,

Waved a grenade to show!



“What’s wrong with that guy?” somebody asked,

“Sure begging for some lead?”

Squad Leader just shrugged and said,

“Reckon he wants to be dead!”



Waved a grenade then planted it!

Making sure they could see!

Crawled back up to my gnarled tree root,

Sure, they could see me!



But I could not careless!  Death wish I suppose.

Like, “Here I am!  Kill this clown!”

Nothing to live for anyhow!

May as well just go down!



They did not shoot!  Conserving, I guess.

Felt safe in their cave below!

Later saw what all that cave held,

An unbelievable  show.



Underground city!  Literally!

Like, for a thousand or more.

Equipment, supplies, unbelievable,

Powered  lights smooth floor!



Sure, they had been there long enough,

And determination  grew to

Hang-on to that garden island, like,

There is nothing else to do.



Japanese ingenuity but,

Hate to treat you this way.

For you are our prisoners, you see.

Like, thirteen-hundred, say!



Gladly surrendered.  Laid down their arms.

Treatment as expected, kind!

Christians subservient to Greater God!

Determining peace of mind!



Sure, a prisoner to my God of love!

How else should I relate?

Ever since surrendering to my God,

I have forgotten now to hate!



Pity now, I guess, closest to the hating

That I once did.

Hating absorbed now by mercy and love

Good  enough my bid!



But the closer I draw to my God

More love I can handle.

Disturbing to consider, could love Him less,

So short a candle.



the Sam 12.06.11

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