Casting all your care upon Him,

And does He care for you?

Myself?  No question about it,

What else can I do?



But cast, throw, get rid of it all!

How little do I know?

My  future can I predict it?

What tomorrows bestow?



Just God can predict the future!

He alone can foresee,

If you sink in the Pacific

What will be, will be!



Should He come for you tomorrow,

Or if your brother dies.

God only knows all about  it

Sure, it is a surprise!



Uncertainty  can we deny?

Though some things predictably,

Naturally we may foretell

We will live Eternally!



But how or where the practicality

Can assume of but one!

Just where I will spend Eternity?

THANK GOD!   When day is done!



Sure, future not predictable.

Just one thing I know,

When Jesus comes to claim His own,

With Him I will go!



the Sam 11.30.11

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