A deepening trail, enemy had made

Yet another from other side.

Searching for animals, birds, food,

Nothing left there to hide!



After scouring Dumagette and Fabrica,

Then driven into the hills

They found themselves caves, ramshackle huts,

Near top some special kills.



Wild natives killed and eaten there!

Troops then entered the scene.

Lost  at least 2 men everyday

Yes, lost, disappeared, clean.



From 2 squads of 12 each whittled down

Just were not prepared to believe.

Most obvious, only the uneatable,

We too easy to deceive!



We then came upon a uniformed body,

A well-beaten trail, we stopped

To inspect,  it was face-up by the trail!

Sure not a face to adopt!



And the smell, of course, drove us away!

With no souvenirs claimed!

Who would want to inspect that mess?

Did the maggots refrain?



No, they did not.  They scurried about,

But other bodies, where?

This one not the only one down.

Mystery we care not to share.



That beautiful island scarred near bare

Would not be ever the same!

Negros Island, could never be safe

Or memories ever tame!



Booby-traps enemy had planted,

Take a stroll through the woods,

Get blown-up, sure, not safe anymore

Cannot be as it should!



Like any city, traps everywhere!

“Lead us not into temptation,

Deliver us…”  Our prayer everyday,  if not

Should be!  Nothing left to say!



the Sam 11.28.11

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