A most important day is Christmas

Whole month of  celebrate!

Of course, Santa Claus protrudes in also,

With youngsters he has a date.



What to get mom and what will I get

Dad?  He is the Santa Claus!

Do not need anything from this kid

But should remember because–



He ‘brings home the bacon’, pays the rent!

But does he need anything?

Sure, Jesus gives more than anyone

His birth-day!  So what to bring?



Something symbolic.  Meaningful, too.

Poor folk just everywhere!

Salvation Army does the right thing!

Rescue Missions  compare!



And they feed the needy year around

And who them then supply?

You have considered the starving many,

Or are there any ties?



That binds our hearts to those in need.

Shivering on a street corner?

Sure, and we have mentioned those who feed!

Along with some of the donors!



Surely the love of God compels,

Moves hearts to supply

And surely you can sense God’s heart

Compel and not deny!



Some rich have given millions to food,

Hungering in our land!

While countless in India starve everyday.

None to meet the demand.



Can God bless those who withhold for self

Regardless of profession?

They get richer while poor get poorer!

Wanting is an obsession!



Such obsessions God cannot bless!

Greed has no place at all!

In the avenues of the Heavenly realm!

Either we rise  or fall!



that Sam boy…  Dec.1, 2011

but whose COUNTING.

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