Dread of the bed when I fear that I

Cannot sleep as the night before.

Just why this dread?  Should we analyze

Like, projecting the score?



The thoughts so vital, why I cannot sleep?

Cannot lay them aside until morn!

Challenge my thinking.  Dare me to stop,

Like, bare-footing through the corn!



Stalks over my head!  Cannot see the end

Of the row that I am in!

But I know there’s an end so why concern,

Contingency to begin.



There is a beginning and life goes on!

After death in the Spirit.

Real life after death, Spirit eternal!

Irrevocably in it!



Imagine this, so long gone will meet

In that happy paradise.

Sure, some may surprise but we will not contest

When they accepted Christ.



Deliberate with me, one thief on a cross

Next to The Christ that day.

In shear agony, suffering so long!

Is a price they had to pay!



Yes, His death for ‘our’ sins.  He had to do!

He took there for all!

A thief’s dying request, “Remember me!”

Christs’ answer?  To rise or fall!



This day with me Paradise fair.

No time to make restitution!

Just, “remember me” like, already there!

Sure, died for the man’s condition!



And that is why He died, no questions asked

From that thief, He died to save!

Just, “remember me” but a heart-felt cry!

Irrevocably  saved!



That is why He died!  Why He came!

To die for sinful people.

Then why elaborate on that church with its

Sky-scraping steeple?



It is personal!  A Spirit decision heard

It before, line upon line!

I am not my own, belong to JESUS!

Make me irrevocably thine!



The poem-loving Sam  11.26.11

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