Troopers life just full of dread nearly every day,

Especially that combat jump

Down out of the sky.  Such slow descent!

So one dead lump lead-poisoning.



Never to jump again.  Why is it called jump?

Pushed out or drop, more like it.

So this buddy of mine begged a helping shove,

“Next jump, so I will make it!”



I did!  And  he did!  Never saw him again.

Sure, had to show-off his folded wings!

So that combat jump we anticipate next!

Each  wake-up call, more dread brings!



Will a sniper down there pick this fool off?

Most of us could not care less!

So is that why we did the trooper thing?

As dying, is what we do best?



So, a death-wish or dread!  Sure, hopelessness.

Guess that is why most turned to drink.

Last leave before combat.  Returned hung over,

Kill this dread,  just do not think!



My confidence  showing I did not feel!

A trooper begged me for aid!

“Just make sure you’re behind me.  Give a shove!”

Of course!  Is that not why I am paid?



No!  Jesus pays me, sure, all  that I need!

For sixty odd years He has done!

Nor have I suffered any want!

Nor have I missed and  fun!



For “The joy of The Lord is my strength,”

Needed for everyday!

Gives me strength as the nearness of Heaven!

Anything left to say?   Nothing!



the Sam 11.22.11

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