Our Sergeant had assumed leadership from others for many years!

Fastest runner years gone by.  A champion, it would appear.

Style, straight up!  Legs like pistons.  Champ!  Why he was Sarge.

So who was I to try to change?  Who was I to barge?



To the lineup of hopefuls, so certain they could win?

Practicing quick take off!  Sure, the best way to begin.

I watched all this halfheartedly:  “Just when is this to take place?”

“Sam, the last day tomorrow.  Limber up for the race!”



Sure, think I will conserve, maybe I will but maybe not.

Sarge can out run anyone, must give it all you have got!

Just what is this need to be first?  “Get with it, Sam!”

Just quarter of a mile, just sprint!  Okay, Sam I am!



Took my place in the line-up.  Guess determination counts.

Slow start out picked up speed.  Soon most of the runners dropped out.

Then just Sarge and I!  Only ones left, his stance, straight up.

Step or 2 ahead of me.  What is in it, winner’s cup?



Not even an added stripe or two!  What’s this running for?

Sarge still ahead a step.  Nothing gained!  I deplore!

Determination, winner’s strength.  That is when I made my dive!

Head-first, hands out.  Crossed the line.  That is why I am still alive!



Sam wins!  A trooper shouted, I did not care anymore.

Absently thinking, Sergeant’s dismay, good men lose.  No score!



Paratroops  now in air third jump, near history!

“Get behind me.  Do not let me freeze (*)”  A fellow trooper’s plea!

Sure, arranged the switch, then ‘Stand up!  Hook up!  Stand in the door!’

We made it!  He made it!  Is that what friends are for?



Four more jumps I made.  Then 2 more  just for, like, fun?

Will I remember this at all when jumping days are done?

Paratrooper was!  Will not make no difference at all!

Standing before my God in Heaven.  Weather rise or fall!



‘I never knew you!  Depart from Me.’  Words to my dismay.

I will not hear!  Instead,  ‘Enter the joy of The Lord this very day!’

Such joy!  Unspeakable.  Full of Glory!  Half cannot be told!

So much better then earthly joys made from silver and gold!



(*) “Freeze in the door”  Chicken out of the jump!

Sam (Trooper) Cox  11.21.11

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