“Come unto Me, I will give you rest!”

Invitations a plenty, this one is best!

Invitations to join the Army, what I see?

Eight weeks of strenuous  activity!



Exercise!  Rifle range added later

See pretty girl but no time to date her.

Rushed overseas!  Islands got clobbered!

Blood-bath! Wake Island.  Many others, uncovered!



 More the Marines and they clobbered, too!

But here I am discharged, with nothing to do!

Travel ,hitchhike, spend a night  on a grave

Church yard.  Slept on it, no, not brave!



“Sensing a saint was buried there,”

Closer to Heaven I felt.  Slept there!

Sure, on that grave dirt and all!

Soul merged with his, heard  his call!



Crazy I know!  And that is what it was,

Infinite, protected, and dust to dust!

Died a hundred deaths but just one counts!

The “Crucified with Christ” to heaven mounts!



As, “I am crucified with Christ, yet I live!”

Did not have to do it, but this life give,

Because I love Him!  What else is there.

Oneness.  Together.  His Life I will share!



In Heaven really clear I ever dwell

With Angels teaching, flying, who can tell?

Flight then there is, then flying.  They zoom by you

We just saunter through galaxies.  So what is new!



Did not God make forever!  No beginning no end?

Neanderthal, piltdown, whatever the blend,

Un-named, un-tamed  yet some closer to God.

One God!  He alone keeps.  We just rough-shod!



Fantasizing solely, as to what pleases me.

Go away!  This is my own banana tree?

Monkey back to tadpole.  Amoeba cannot see!

One God!  Will I never ever be free?



Oh yes, now even now on this Earth

Born, sure, but Born Again there is no dirt

Of activity!  But now Heaven given

Because  His Hands and Feet with spikes driven.



 Am I Crucified with Christ?  “Life I now give

Christ living in me.”  Now, I freely give

My all!  With my talents though so few.

He can use them!  And this He will do.



As I write, guidance His leadership

Keeps and He guides so I shall not slip!

My Master!  What am I?  Only one poet!

What I do sure He will make it fit!



“And the life that I now live, I live by faith in Jesus,

God, who loves me, gave Himself  for me.”



Just me, the Sam 11.22.11

(What a life)


  1. Phakamas says:

    yes. BUT it is only those who are prepared that can see and caliatpize the chance given. The people who always blames god that there is no chance is absolutely wrong! If they haven’t prepared, work hard or think hard, how can they see the chance themselves, even if they see the opportunity is right in front of them, they wont have the skills, connection, knowledge or experience to take advantage of it. How sad!!! Bomb

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