Just starting Philippine recover

From enemy, Negros Isle.

It was the strongest Japanese conquest

In those islands, by a mile.



Beauteous with pools from streams flowing,

The fresh mountain streams.

Sure, plain to tell why they liked it

Heaven on earth!  It would seem.



Determined to keep this fair island,

But their amo supply low!

Sequestered themselves:  clear to the top

In pairs on main trail  to go.



This was jungle to plateau  up high,

Fairly level, wooded with caves.

Just the perfect ‘Shangri-La’ to behold.

For which every dreamer craves!



The Filipinos devoted themselves

To keeping to this garden land!

But population nearly all wiped out!

Killed  upon command!



But they missed a few, Dumagette,  like,

Collaborators suppose?

Then who could blame them for friendship?

Live awhile longer compose.



Frowning on collaborators so-called

When  all did what they could

To stay alive without joining,

Thinking  neither bad nor good!



As Christians, are we judgmentally strict?

Like, judgmental affecting the weak?

Are we not called to love one-another?

Helping those who still seek!



Do we give weaker Christians the 3rd degree,

The stringent order of right?

“Pray for each other,” this order given

Before they are ready to fight!



Sure, “fight the good fight of faith”  we are ordered

To some this is not quite clear!

“Love one-another,” in Christian love,

Fighting will not bring us near!



Salvation Army stresses this point!

The battle to the finish!

Though we wrestle not against flesh and blood,

Fight where God is in it!



the Sam  11.08.11

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