Hospital bed for a month or so,

Sendai, Japan.  Nowhere to go!

Of course, away back after World War II.

Listless, what more is there to do?



Once out of there, Chaplin had me drive

Up this steep trail one-way, we survived,

Sure, no one came down that day.  That is good!

Up and down same road, sure, like it  should.



No one came down!  Good to show (*)

Narrow so narrow, no place to go!

But off that trail, down to Kingdom Come,

Were we all go when our day is done!



We get to the top, like, first thing  I  see,

Boarding School, sure, boy ’s dormitory

That we take  over.  The Army does that.

“Army of Occupation,” that’s how we got fat!



Snow fall a-plenty Christmas morn!

Four a.m. I am antsy.   All else asleep.

Snow-fall  a’plenty,  all others sleep.

What the brightness, out of bed I creep!



Dress warm!  Yes, I know what to do.

And where I am going.  Put on my shoes.

All are fast sleeping, no questions asked!

To Chaplin’s jeep for the main task!



Hear for that shed filled with Christmas stuff,

Boy’s clothing galore!  Excited enough!

I bundle-up clothing.  Jeep is soon full!

Small house lined up, boys from the school.



I sing Christmas songs, tossing out bundles,

Had just enough for each tiny shelter.

I did a short tour of their city then on

The way back, what a sight to lend.



These glad eyes so happy to be,

Santa Claus but no Christmas tree!

Those happy kids!  Bright clothing now

From the God of Christmas, He would allow!



Chaplin in chow line when I returned,

I could see questions that really burned!

Knew jeep was missing, where have you been?

“Such happy kids!  Wish you could have seen!”



His face matched mine in the telling,

“Let’s do it again,” his joy compelling.

“No,”  sadly,  “It would be my neck!”

Fear of Major on that higher deck!



But I think he knew!  Seldom seen smile.

Guess it was just Christmas, had been awhile!

Suppose someone told him?  Could be!

All would see something made him happy!



(*) “Good to show”  old Army expression!



sure, the Sam (11.09.11)

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