No!  He hung on that cross, sheer necessity!

He had to do it!  For you and for me!

Well, yes!  It was shameful!  God, God of pure love

Left convenience and joy, left His home above!



Became a human person!  His body knew pain!

Sure, long before hanging up there  in shame!

Knowing this since forever!  As He did!

Could not deity command, “This I forbid!”



Of course!  But as God  The Perfect God of Love!

From forever times inception from above

Leaving perfection harmony!   Joy, pure and grace!

Plan dire need all this  in its place!



This man of sorrows and acquainted with grief!

While yes, dangling there, did He not forgive a thief?

Suffering Savior, did He not project pure love?

This day in paradise we will meet above!



Feature this spikes through hands holding body  in place!

Would an agonized scream detract from grace?

In addition His feet so He could not sway free,

Then a spear thrust in His side, should appropriate be!



The calloused soldiers threw ribald jokes at Him!

Did not they all  hear Him cry out, “Father, forgive!”

“They know not what thy do.”  Then His eyes lifted,

“Into Thy Hands I commend My Spirit!”



The anguish He suffered.  Did He not gain

Heavenly joy!  No more grief.  No pain!



Sam 11.07.11

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