And I do this for it keeps me alive!

Poetry, Sure!  For on this I strive!

As thought continues God likes it too!

So what is this world?  What is left to do?



Tendency,  at times, to quit:  I reject!

So strong!  God likes it!  So must protect

Compelling this urgency what else is there?

Keep at it, few read it!  But I must share!



Compulsive?  Perhaps, sure this is the “Thing”!

That keeps it flowing birds on the wing.

Does that bird consider,  I fly because…

Of course not, does this then  give pause–



To consider:  What God wants from me?

No, I am not some ‘monkey in a tree’!

Am I to give more than ‘a tenth’ to God?

Though does not matter, ‘What can I afford’?



Just give, as it was given to you by Him!

Sure, I have naught but this for my King!

This then I bring!



Sam it is!  07.13.11

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