A COMPANY 40–down – to –04

Stumbling along sheer black the night!

Felt grass with one foot.  That was the right.

Left foot on gravel, so all is okay!

But how I longed for light of day!



Mile or so, a foot at a time.

Inching along on this straightest line

Eyes 20-20!  Could not see my hand

Right in front of my face!  Or lay of the land!



Flat broke, oh yes!  Understandably

Heading for mountains out of  K.C.!

Eyes soon accustomed enough saw white!

Church with a lone grave on the right.



Grave more inviting than church porch there

As though a saint smiling up  said:  “I will share,”

‘Have a nice rest,’ voice seemed to say.

So flat out on that grave!  I waited for day.



Fell asleep there!  Soon woke up cold!

Felt rested as though the night wore old.

Pitch darkness still, made my way for the road!

Then a bend to the right and a bright light showed.



First thought  Heaven!  But just a Café.

Thin dime bought coffee!  Last for the day!

Had slept just an hour,  midnight now.

Black Angel!  Sure, this one allow!



Black, of course, limo outside.

Black also, then, what a ride!

Accepted  backseat  fell asleep right away!

Trinidad, Colorado!  Broad daylight, I see.



 Where is this boy going?  From time to time

As though someone leading on a thin dime?

This mess in eternity is it so long,

But one after another very different song!



Farm drudgery accounting made plain this break

Back-breaking monotony I chose to escape.

Hitchhiking  quite prominent days long ago

Before freeways ended that show!



But the war, before, just  toward end

6 months of dodging lead.  No, it do not bend!

4 of us left, about 20 times to count.

Replacements, New-news, how they mount and mount!



Second Squad, seemed fighting all left to us.

6 months constant nonstop, short sleep plus!

Well over 40 in platoon all told.

Not counting wounded.  Replacements, so old!



After 6 months straight short on sleep left alone

Final count of 4 by a fire prone:

Dumagette in sight, relax try forget!

Thank God for remaining not a concept!




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