A place not significant, W. W. II

Negros Island, in the Philippines,

But marking the end if skirmishing there.

This Scout did what he had to do!



In plain view of enemy down there,

Their cave hid from our sight.

I felt compelled to do what I must.

Not savoring strength or might.



Nor cunning.  Just plain stupidity.

Below shelter of trees this Scout,

In plainest view of their cave below,

What is this war all about?



Brandished grenade on that path down there

Will not strain their eyes to see!

They low on amo.  One slug would do it,

A bullet meant for me.



So I went down, no, not to get killed.

Did I believe I was immune

To gun shot?  Well, I would soon find out!

Waved that grenade!  Oh, soon!



How?  This complete feeling secure?

True inexplicable!

I set the booby-trap  across that path.

Like wanted discernible.



Figured they wanted grenade, figured right!

Of course, no sleep for this son.

In dark of night heard soft tread below!

Then I woke everyone!



Tossed my grenade through the tree-top-light

And both grenades go bang!

Sure, loud as a cannon blast!

Then heard someone say “It’s just, Sam.”



Sure, just Sam.  Keeping us awake

That a war is going on.

Just Sam reminding snipers out there!

Can pick us off  all day long!



So what?  Today just like a war-time

Feared enemy of the soul.

Not feared anymore!  A lullaby

Seems to have taken control!



Lullaby to help us forget  that

War is going on!

Soft music whispering, take is easy!

Of course, same old song!



Wake up, Sam!

There’s a WAR going on!

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