I was never ever lost, could always find

My way.  Ocean to the sea!

Sure, Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific

Hitchhiking far more to see!



Back and forward:  Texas and, of course, Utah!

No Mormons ever bothered me.

“Great Salt Lake” even tried to swim there,

Just impossibility!



Nebraska, so flat, but a gradual climb,

Colorado then Arizona, palm trees.

Near forgot Minnesota, sure, Idaho.

Phoenix, no ocean breeze!



Washington, Oregon, California,

Of course, Mexico!

Orphanage there.  We ministered.

Arizona, Nevada, below.



Did I forget the New England States?

North Carolina, and South?

Missed Florida, born in Michigan.

Pennsylvania, States South.



Wooster, Ohio.  Chicago, Illinois.

A brother lived there a while.

Oh,  forgot islands and India,

Lepers, can’t forget.  Defile.



“Don’t touch them, we say, but JESUS did!

And healed them wherever.

No cure for that disease none at all.

But with GOD never a never!



I was never lost, went everywhere!

The Turkey to Timbuktu!

Hitchhiking, what else, riding freight trains!

Well, nothing else to do!



But lost I was in the depths of sin!

In Japan, I discovered, true!

A missionary and an Army Chaplin,

Found then, what I had to do!



Many others with circumstances

Conspired to bring this lost,

Who was never really lost until discovered

Why Jesus died, this cruel cross!



Hard to believe Army in combat

When it was Reverend, Preach, the

Out of the blue my decision made

To give Jesus my all!



the Sam  10.28.11

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