Wet to the skin!  Got rained on, of course!

Keep sloshing on this old work horse,

Knowing no better  than pure obedience

Cannot get a divorce–



From the Army, not way overseas!

Consequence of  joining,  same bvd’s!

All underwear the dullest green!

Sure, got shot you bleed!



If you have blood left trudging those trails!

This poor guy had lots, lying there prevails

So full of blood, you bleed!

Know what, never fails!



Transfusion from what?  No donors out there

Left to die alone, no one to care!

Your body left to rot

Or animals to  share!



When no animals around lie there rot!

Sure, you wonder just what that soul got.

Just lying on the brink

Of  Eternity.



I think not!  Just one place or the other

He either died Unsaved or a brother,

Believing on the Lord, sure,

Like many others!



One poor soul lies there, enemy,

Maggots crawling through his nose, I see!

Rifle lies beside, souvenir?

Thanks, not for me!



Sure, a booby-trap!  So obvious!

How to win a war or suffer loss!

Foe defeated.  Still they try,

Keep trying, of course!



To many Eternity not a factor.

‘Die, like an animal’!  Animals have

No soul, no eternal life!

No God!  No Contractor!



But Contractor is available!

Made to see the Light!  Constrainable

Turn men to the Lord!

Sure, possible!



Sam, tuned in 10.24.11


  1. Notty says:

    Couldn’t be written any better. Reading through this post reminds me of my old roommate! He often kept talking about this. I am going to forward this guide to him. Very guaranteed he will have a very decent study. Thanks for sharing!

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