Are we mortal or not?

Will we live forever?  In everlasting sought?

As a youthful farmhand, did not want eternity,

I am sure that made a big difference in what God had  for me!



It is either set or is not, we will live forever or not!

Either a line, no ending, or one big fat d o t!

As when younger, a  farmhand drudge, slavery the word!

“Rest from your hard labor,”  This we never heard!



Convince me, is there a Heaven?  A never-ending Hell?

Or do we, like, face forever this farming in the dell?

As a youthful, like, farmhand I thought never interest me!

Spite of what that boss man said, just plain  ole’ drudgery!



Sure, if I had to face it, the farm or  Army life,

And so I joined the Army!  Forgot all that farming strife!

Diversity in the training, sure, delighting in its worth,

Living with fellow trainees of interest just me dirth!



“Boot Camp”  ending, sure, resisting the Cadre call.

I voted  self  for furtherance of the Army pull.

Then the Paratroops.   How about this new interest, contained

A challenge for certain, just how, could not refrain!



Paratroop training only four weeks.  What?  Like, a continuation

Of the longer Army structuring, but the situation

Spelled dropping from the clouds in a parachute.

Definitely not to be considered , like, a  dilute–



Or a furtherance of normalcy.  No definitely

Not the normal thing to do each day, like, consistently!

With the  end in view, like, a jump in combat!

Sure, I had a wonderful time  living with that!



Everlasting life!  Of course, in Heaven preferred!

A most  pleasurable thought to be with The Lord!

Forever!  Forever as He is the essence of real pure Life!

Living  everlastingly!  What?  No more strife!

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