Sure a Boy Scout,  Junior grade, I was!

This plateau’s very edge

As I gazed with longing heart,

Sure,  away far from this ledge!



Ledge creates by scoutism,

Hey look!  I’m higher than you!

Exalted, you must bow low!

My good deeds have seen me through!



Not ten yet, sure, I just started,

Still outside looking in.

It was that inner circle of  scoutism,

I longed for, sure, should have been–



Plateau, India about 6,000 feet up.

Biggest Scout Jamboree,

But here out on the very edge

And  looking in I see–



All the other important Scouts,

Eagle and whatever they are,

Army it was only first and second

Until one got hit, sure, that’s par.



If both took hits, Squad Leader ordered

Next man or two to load!

Well, guess who?  Sure, it was me!

Just one, the dirty deed!



There after, sure, I was the only one

Learned to walk fast!  Combat,

Philippine Islands.  How can I forget?

Squad  getting shot at!



Behind  bushes, trees, the forest,

All the way up that hill.

Took six months finally made it!

Lost count of the kills!



Squad down to 4, 5, and 6 men.

Replacements came, of course.

Then no more replacements.  Ending with four!

I’m  still leading the force!



This force of  four.  Did God have plans?

In His mercy for me?

Did those lost, any make it to Heaven?

This one fortunately?



Accepted a call to preach the Word.

Call long before enlistment!

Sure,  I felt God’s hand was on me

For another commitment!



Service of only King, the call.

Unworthy, still I obeyed!

Crucified Christ, “Lives!”  My yell!

And with this cry, I stayed!



the Sam 10.17.11

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