There is never a time so dreary as

Night-time, when sleep eludes!

Thoughts of  fighting, W.W.II but,

Now friendship precludes–



Any enmity we ever felt,

Or lack of friendship shared

When after combat, up in those hills.

I, with them, friends declared!



Sure this Catholic Priest in  Mindinawa, Japan,

Near survived on hickory nuts,

Since W.W.I  in his humble shack.

I visited his days near done!



While there a young boy knocked and entered,

Bowed low, made his request

For a Blessing.  Sure, felt his need,

For special protection behest.



Then I searched and found some Protestant friends,

Nakadas,  he the town doctor.

She, Daisy, educated State-side,

Could have passed for another–



American by her looks and speech,

But Japanese born and raised.

Had pleasure of welcoming much later,

Much blessed and praised!



She visited Japanese farmers around,

Quite a few back then.

In Lindsay, CA, long after the war,

Japanese descended, contend.



Sure, we kept her there for some time.

Our (my) church accepted, so very proud,

To be known for loving friends!

All the Savior allowed!



No black or brown or difference there,

Loving Jesus all are at home!

Dwelling in peace, eternally!

Never again alone!



Sure, a rich blessing, Daisy was!



Just me, Sam  10.09.11



(P.S. My eyes cloud up when I remember

 that beautiful Japanese Lady!)

In Heaven now!

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