Did God not promise a happy home?

“I go to prepare a place! (*)

“Eyes have not seen nor ears heard, nor

Entered the heart,” through Grace.



“What God has prepared for those who love,”

Anticipate His coming.

This life I have lived, done near everything

Near losing it, and running!



Indiana Jones, sure, what does he know?

All in his dreams.

Did a crocodile ever carry his boat

Sideways downstream?



Did a cobra strike him and miss?

Did a panther try entering his tent?

Did he lead a patrol in World War II?

Did he preach for 30-some years?



Sure He saw, like, thousands of skeletal heads,

While I  never saw a one!

Did he not do stuff that I could not dream of?

And face Jesus when day is done!



I have preached with rowdies threatening my church,

Hitching through Missouri hills.

Doing the scout-thing W. W. II,

Nary a scratch.  Others killed!



India, Sri Lanka, Italy, France,

Great Britain, and Canada, of course,

Did I mention the Philippines?  Oh yes, Japan.

Eternal snows Everest lost.



In the heights near 30-thousand feet,

From a church 8,000 feet up!

Norway, Sweden, way too cold out there,

Sure, a traveling pup!



Wish I could say preached Christ in those places.

Sure, witnessed here and there,

Hate to admit to my selfish living.

For Sam, mostly my care!



In Heaven, of course, I will be ashamed!

Facing my Lord, chagrined.

But, of course, even now I must admit,

This lack must be called sin!



Thank my God who died for sinners,

“Of whom I am chief.” (**)

While on that sadistic cross He suffered,

To my final  relief!



(*) Ceylah back then

(**) Apostle Paul said it first!



the Sam 10.10.11

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