Used to need money, but do not anymore.

If  you do not drive a car, you can dig it!

Of course, have to eat!  Just do not know why?

Eat once a week, then I stuff it!



No, of course,  I eat three meals everyday!

Maybe some like lunch in-between!

So tell me that is why I am putting on weight!

And that sure makes sense, it would seem!



So glad that does not hold true for praying,

Or reading God’s Word and other more good stuff.

And the writing surely is a big part of me,

Of course, I am a poetry buff!



Did I say used to sell it, long-long ago?

Though stilted it was, I believe!

“Sticking to rules”, do not do this!  Do that.

My thinking too hard to receive.



Distributing now!  Like, a hundred or more,

Each Lord’s Day with some in-between!

Where called for absentees, you know,

Big waste of paper sure would seem.



Wonder, did Jesus ever feel that way?

All those words wasted?  “I believe!”

On that cross, did He think:  ‘All for nothing?’

“As many  as believed received!”



Receiving God ’s Word, of course!  Raised on The Word!

Tempted to think, ‘Do not need more!’

But since God speaks through His Word, good!

To remember, always  encore!




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