I dodged the draft  by enlisting!

Then taking a discharge contained,

Never to be drafted again!

So a 4-F I sustained.



Then a wee bit tired of the freedom thing,

Living on a banana a day.

I got hungry, sure, the Army took me,

Not particular that way.



Sure I had fun while my rung,

Starving, like, most of the time.

Army chow, sure, very thought assailed!

At least the three-meals on the line.



A bum for sure!  No free meals!

I would rather die than beg!

Almost did!  What!  Enlisted again?

So the army found a ‘Reg’, regular.



Not too bad!  Final, the Philippines.

Took First Scout, 2nd Squad!

For 6 non-stop months trudged Negros Isle,

Lived on bullion while trod!



Long weary miles a man or two everyday,

From our squad of 12 whittled down!

Settled for 11, what else after that?

Could not care less, did not frown!



Not a care.  So why First Scout?  First killed!

First to get shot.  Did not last!

Scout leading, Squad Leader next,

So how did those leaders last?



First in front took the shot, of course!

How come I did not get hit?

Walked too fast!  Or God’s protection,

I realized bit by bit!



God protected.  Had plans for this man.

This no-a-count Paratrooper,

Knew that I would not turn Him down!

Got me out of that soup!



I then enlisted in God’s Army!

Some  preparation then,

Needy churches clear across U-S of A,

Pastored not ‘Pro-tem’.



Sam (Wesley) Cox  09.28.11

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