Of course, I’m still writing.

Do not know how to quit!

When I am dead and still writing,

Will not shock me a bit!



Night-time, I am near sleeping,

Sure, a tricky rhyme,

Haunting  my repose then

Cannot stop it.  Anytime!



Of course, then has to make sense!

‘A rhyme is a rhyme…’  Not here!

Enough nonsense traipsing around,

Got  to put it in gear!



Progress winds through rocky hills,

Sure, valleys we go!

Wait up!  I am loosing it,

So back up  a row!



Train of thought!  Has to make

Sense!  Do not you see?

Hills, mountains, sure, valleys, too!

Of course, must be.



But, with original thought  returning,

To what  am I called?

Perhaps to lead people, like, upward!

Is that why I’m bald?



But upward is, as I can see,

Not more wealth, security.



Upward much bigger, sure, stars above,

Higher than that!  God is love!

Of course, God had to come in!

“Beginning, created everything!”



If not for Him we would not be!

Climbing some banana tree?

So why am I here?  As I look up,

Stars I see, oh that empty cup!



Awaits to be filled.

Yes, I’m waiting  now!

I receive by faith,

Of course, that is how!



We “walk by faith, not by sight.”

Nor will He let you down!

Thank Him for what He has done!

Wear that winner’s crown!



Uncle Sam  09.24.11

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