Philippine Islands, right after combat,

Negros, the Island we took,

Back from the enemy occupying then.

No!  This is not in the book.



Al, Rocky, Cummerford, a few names,

Remembered from back then.

Just some old-timers from other islands,

Sure, resenting us  new, news when.



Missing some cobbers early sent home,

They had to stay on a while.

One dummy got drunk and let a friend,

Make his face one bloody pile.



Of  livid flesh with his bare fists,

Rings on his fingers, of course!

Until that face not recognizable!

As anything but meat-sauce!



It was a medical discharge home desired,

And this friend was helping there.

So this friend and recipient had to be,

Insane, nuts, compare.



A sane person begging  for help,

Like, from a bloody beating,

But these two GI’s had to be drunk!

For this was not a meeting.



Of  sane minds of any caliber.

“Medical Discharge”  for sure!

That face, complete irreparable!

One he could never endure!



Sure God helped me to keep sanity!

Along with a godly bunch!

Who followed the call the  hunger call,

To gather for healthful lunch!



No complaints  from me about the grub,

I was grateful for good food!

Our Army served the  consummate best!

Sure, and if it  was so good–



Why some left over in that plate?

It was for hungry kids outside,

Waiting with can empty, of course.

Food  just to keep  alive!



(Cooks tried to stop this charade, unsuccessfully.)



the Sam  09.19.11

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