There by the ocean, that tiny cove.

No tides come in or go out!

Sure, ocean level.  Just stays the same!

Philippine Islands clout!



Same in India, like garbage collected,

Ocean’s edge, pure despicable!

Until a storm drives it farther out,

Way south India conditional.



Then Dumagette, Philippine Islands,

Negros to single the Isle.

This tiny cove about 30 feet within,

Nothing there to defile.



Bobby Omigo, a Philippine girl,

Pure as the driven snow!

Lived with her parents, an only child.

Huge history book to show.



Always studying, planning to go,

Stateside some sweet day.

Become a nurse, in that promised land,

If she had her way!



Perfect American her speech!

She had practiced, could tell!

Picture perfect, beautiful,

Living in that shell.



Just stepped out back, to look around.

“Careful!”  Her warning ignored.

One foot into their sewer,  foot deep!

Whole acre  treated  afford.



Uugg!  I tore to their cove.  Dove in!

Ever eyes open.  Near hit!

This one largest fish seen anywhere.

Out of there!  Every bit.



Thinking of Jonah,  his “Big Fish”,

But this one sure kept it clean.

Slobbers for that starfish down there!

As though it had never been!



Next morning, looked!  Starfish still there,

15 or twenty feet  down.

Whoever said, “Those people not clean.”

Some stupid American clown!



Sure, it’s me The Sam  09.17.11

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