Why did they call me Sky Pilot?

Sure–sure, of course, I know.

It was afer I put-on that stupid

Sam Cox suicide show.



Waving grenade in plainest view

Of enemy down there.

Sure, hidden cave.  Knew they could see

Me on that path clear fair!



Dispair?  Not at all!  Could only feel

Adrenalin gushing through!

‘Fire at will!’  Sure, my name is Sam!

Guess just seemed the thing to do!



Felt I did not care whether live or die.

Something had to be done!

A death-wish?  Could be I’d remember.

Philippine Islands, bright sun!



Could not care less! My attitude!

Live or die!  Who cares?

Living here or Heaven there,

Always accepted dares!



What I did?  I waved that grenade!

Sure, wanted them to see!

Then I set it, a booby trap

Then back alive!  Still free!



Of course they saw, I stayed awake!

Dark came,could here them clear.

Right underneath, soon near enough.

Threw grenade, no fear.



Double explosion!  Like, world’s end!

“What?”  I heard.  “Oh, just Sam!”

How did he know?  Stuff I had done before!

Like, damn cram sham.



 But why “Sky Pilot,”  Rev., Padre, too?

Just was not afraid of death!

A knowing squad,  Heaven awaited,

Sure, while I still prized breath.



Did God know?  And I think He cared,

Still around at ninety-three!

Was a three-year-man, like, 13 churches

Jesus  preached, sure just three!

Then crucified  for me!!



Rose again!   Left that grave.

Lives forever, you know!

We will live forever, too.

Where ever we  go!



Pray I will see you in Heaven!



Sam Cox (like, superannuated)

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