The World Trade center, can it be?

War has come home for sure!

Offered from some who went thru it all

And live now to endure!



Enduring the cries the screams!

Explosions burning the flames!

Smoke so dense, plain hidden the hand!

Who then can be blamed?



One-hundred, ten stories those buildings were!

War-zone unmistakably!

Muslims, why hide it!  In Hell they are saying:

 “No!  Fire!  All I can see!”



We thought we would be in Heaven but this,

Cannot be Heaven!  These flames

We were told we would find Heaven for sure!

By them cannot mention their names.



Mohammed made claims naming God I serve,

So Muslims today still believe:

If you are not same as we adhere

In Hell your soul will grieve!



Mohammed made claims to god-hood himself,

Like, He and Jesus were brothers.

All who do not believe this go to Hell!

Along with their saints and others.



Koran, their bible non-sence-i-cal!

Full of  hate for us all!

Compare, “For God so loved the world He gave

His only Son,”  from above!



“One that you kill  goes to Heaven, too!”

Bit of their muddled  thinking!

Religion of  murder!   What else see?

Kill a Saint without blinking!



A God of love!  So we too should love

One another as brothers!

This calls for giving of ourselves,

As though we are the others!



Benighted  seemingly happy to be!

Muslim leaders frantically,

Strive to make coverts from every tribe

Country and tribe lastingly!



Sure, remember:  they make converts by murder.



                                                                               the Sam

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