Sam Cox


In Angels, God, Pray, War on October 9, 2013 at 3:11 pm

How explain?  How indeed?


Rain pouring in my trench hole,

No sleep tonight for me!



What else is there?  I  p r a y e d!

Very little comfort there!

But pray, it is the thing to do!

N o w  explain?  Compare–



One moment wet and  m i s e r a b l e!

Helmeted head a bit higher!

Resting on convenient ledge!

Kept a whole lot dryer!



Had already lost 15 lbs.,

Another 20 to go!

Before this stupid hill was won!

For the locals below.



Consider this left side submerged!

Rain  p o u r i n g  in my hole!

Poncho overhead did not help much!

Did an Angel take control?



I slept through this mess, just passed out!

Pretty  h a r d  to believe!

An Angel warmed the water, what?

Awoke refreshed to receive–



Warmth from a fire, all coffee’d up!

Patrol, what else is there?

Another G.I. shot down, keep  g o i n g!

Soon we will find their lair!



Until then we will search!  I am way up front!

With no place to, still we go!

Another camp, a lot higher now!

This is progress, you know!



To reiterate, we  r e t u r n  with four!

Whittled down many times

From twelve!  I am told we are winning!

When to kill, not a crime!



Concentrate but retaliate!

Tit for tat, we learn well!

“If you enemy hungers…” kill him!

Send the idiot to Hell!



Dear God, forgive, I did not mean,

I did not  w a n t  to kill!

War, you know, anything goes!

Soon we go down that hill!



For what?  Just another  w a r?

History  d o e s  repeat!

“Love your enemies…”

But must not suffer defeat!



Surely God knows!  “Thou shalt not kill.”

But what is a man to do?

To object conscientiously?

Did David see this  t h r o u g h?



Perhaps not!  His “Mighty men of Valor,”

Did as they were  t o l d!

Drive them out!  Our enemies!

Obeying God, The BOLD!



Sam Cox  02.27.09

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