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In God, Holy Spirit on September 17, 2014 at 8:54 pm

Can you dig it, just one God?

Yet He is three persons!

No, not just in essence or

Conveniently conversant–



He is one God! He is one


Yet, God in three persons

Over all I see.



God stated singular, so

Very clear, He said,

“I Am that I Am!”

So get it in your head!



“I Am!” One God we worship

Not many! Not three!

But God in three persons,

Blessed Trinity!



God the Father! God the Son!

And God the Holy Spirit!

This we worship, the Godhead!

Cannot understand it!



But yes, I positively do believe this mystery of the Trinity.



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In God, Salvation on September 15, 2014 at 8:18 pm

“If only we could see our path as God sees it,

We would have selected it as well!” (F. B. Meyer)

But when we are suffering an afflicting trial

It is pretty hard to tell!



But later, after learning, we know it was worth while

That lesson that we learned, though hard,

Was important and worth it, and contributive to

Total betterment with regard–



To the Spirit, soul, and body in development

Of natural qualities and skills

That make us better people. God developing

Useful servants, His plans to fulfill!



Of course, He has a plan! For each and every one!

He loves us! Will lead us along

As long as we are willing to follow His leading

Avoiding the wild aimless throng.



But never ignoring someone who needs our help

In leading to a far better way!

The way of salvation, leading to eternal life!

And God’s Everlasting Day!



Sam Cox 04.05


In Christ, Crucified, God, Grace, Jesus, Savior on September 11, 2014 at 8:54 pm

When Jesus was born in that manger

Did any expect to see

Christ Jesus, the Savior of mankind,

Hanging from a cross tree?



Or anticipate the trouble felt

By disciples just learning to walk

Stumbling along in their sinful way

Listening while Jesus taught?



And did they anticipate God’s heart

Breaking in sending His Son

To die the torturous death He died?

Did they think that anyone?



On earth was near worthy of that price?

We threw it back in His face.

But He died for mankind anyway,

How can we measure Grace?



The measure is found when He rose from death!

When hundreds saw Him alive.

The same who had seen Him on the cross

The same we had crucified!



Sam Cox 3.23.05


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