Sam Cox


In Christ, God, Grace, Jesus on July 30, 2014 at 7:08 pm

He is not ashamed of me, I know.

Will not hide His face from me although

I have sinned often, walked in selfish way,

Dreading that grim judgment day!

But this alone my God will see,

While looking down on sinful me,

A sinner saved by grace because,

Even though I had broken all His laws,

Christ Jesus took my place up there

His visage shattered! Did I care?

How could I? Did not even know.

My thoughts all fixed on things below.

But there He hangs, held there by nails!

For man the sinner only fails!

Man’s failure now assumed by Him

The Christ now hangs His visage grim!

All I can see contorted pain!

Not a nice sight and who is to blame?

Me, I cry! I cannot allow,

But He died there! Cannot help but bow!

And thank Him for His passion, love,

Cannot understand just way above

My thinking! Could I ever

Submit to such suffering? No! No, never!

I would run and hide! I would yell and cry

But maybe for my child I would die

But die for all? For everyone?

He died for you! You are His son!



Sam Cox 1.55.05


In Angels, God, Heaven, Jesus on July 28, 2014 at 8:26 pm

I merged with the earthlings, saw their thoughts,

Too shocked to stay was I.

I found seclusion, shed clothes,

And soared into the sky!



To my wonderland place of joy!

Reported to my King!

His smile was gentle. Then He said:

“A sad report you bring…”



“You must go back, it will be okay.

Seek out a church or two.”

His very presence strengthened me

Nothing else was there to do!



I streaked down to that ugly planet

I must obedient be!

I found a church, “I AM,” it read

A figure strange to me.



Stood naked on a podium built,

I saw it was made of glass!

Sparkling water ran through its veins.

I quickly vanished past!



In shocked surprise, sign of the cross

Then sped down through a hall

Closed doors both sides then I heard

That heathen chanting call.



Ascended hosts of St. Germaine,

I am, I Am, I AM!

Sounded like, “Jump over the moon

I can, I Can, I CAN.”



It was scary I made haste to leave

To seek out another

Was greeted by a friendly smile,

The smile of a brother.



First sound I heard was from a hymn,

It was, “Jesus never fails,

Heaven and earth may pass away,

But Jesus never fails!”



A good report! I knew it would please

My Father, God, and King!

Of course, He already knew but rejoices

And sure made the angels sing!



Sam Cox 1.10.05


In Crucified, Eternity, God on July 24, 2014 at 8:58 pm

The tears of God washed over the land

Tsunami it is called.

Two children perished hand-in-hand

The whole world was appalled!



Yes, thousands of these little ones,

How merciful is God?

He takes them to His home above

It is His matchless love!



His matchless love provides for all

Who will but come to Him!

But age makes promises that call

Away from Him to sin!



The choice is ours, provision made

How can we miss His call?

Yes, crucified! He died to save

Not just the young but all!



The choice contends we choose between

The one and the other,

Accountability maintains

It is either live or smother.



To live for Him who died for us

How can we ever miss?

He died but lives, yes, rose again

To lead to heavenly bliss!



The resurrection story tells

Us it is the only choice

That counts for Eternity!

Just listen to His voice!



Saying; “Come unto Me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”



Sam Cox 1.08.05


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