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In Angels, God, Lord on August 28, 2014 at 8:12 pm

“The Angel of The Lord,” makes camp,

Headquarters, “round about” (*)

All those who put their trust in Him

To help and bring them out—



Of trouble to deliver them,

To keep them from all harm.

Deliver then from evil men

Grim terror or alarm!



The trusting soul establishes

Communion with these friends

Though he may not be conscious of

Their care that never ends!



As long as we keep trusting in

The Lord our friends are there

It is hard for the trusting soul to

Step out of their care!



You see they are God’s Messengers

And God they must obey!

My own private angel is

With me every day!



No! It is not on consignment

On whether good or not.

Let us face it, we are not good at all!

Just trust that is all we have got!



So forget about parameter (**)

Take care? No! Launch out!

He has promised to protect you and

That is what it is all about!



(*) Psalm 34:7

(**) Camp area of command (army term)



Sam Cox 2.17.05


In Grace, Jesus on August 27, 2014 at 7:06 pm

Face to face, I see one hanging

On a cross beside my own!

Painfully I gaze upon Him

Grateful that I am not alone!



See His pain, although His features

Seem not overcome by shock,

Unlike mine it seems I am lying

Pinned beneath a chopping block!



I see peace, yes, serenity!

He looks my way, tries to smile.

Pain forgotten for the moment.

Smile or promise? Without guile!



I have seen smiles from whipping posts,

Sardonic, sadistic, and vile!

Cruel laughter from the crowd,

But His smile! It will last a while!



Other thief cries out in rage,

On the other side away

I rebuke him, turn to Jesus

“It is for us You die today!”



My plea to Him, “Remember me!

“When You to Your kingdom come!

“Save this wretched heart of mine!

“Forgive! Do not leave me here alone!”



His head drops down, gives me a smile;

“This day in paradise…with Me!”

I look up! Joy floods my soul!

Grace! Yes, joy! Through agony!



Sam Cox 3.04.05


In Heaven, Savior on August 25, 2014 at 8:05 pm

Ecstasy, true word describing

Heaven’s joys forevermore!

Never-ending bliss extending,

No escaping that fair shore!



Evermore to think it over,

Did I do something right at last?

Nothing for which I can glory!

Nothing in my sordid past!



Everything I owe my Savior!

He is the One, He paid my way!

With His death He bought my pardons!

Nothing good have I to say–



For myself! I am not deserving

Of His love freely bestowed,

To the cross He took my burden,

Bore my sins that heavy load!



Do I worry about that burden?

Sins committed in the past?

Let us get serious, they are forgiven!

This joy will forever last!



Joy unspeakable and glorious!

Nothing here do I deserve,

All I want to do is worship,

Praise His name, and humbly serve.



Now I know the tears I am shedding

Are from the gratitude I feel!

But God dries the tears I am crying

And I wonder, is this real?



Yes! It is real! His Hand so tender

Touch my eyes and dry my tears.

Then His look, a smile to render

Joy! Such peace to banish fears!



God’s forever love now tending!

Yes, forever! There is no ending!



Sam Cox 2.22.05


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