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In Creator, God, Jesus, Lamb on October 21, 2014 at 8:21 pm

Before I was ever a thought within my mother’s mind

I was being formed and I was one of a kind!

Born in near perfection except for just one flaw,

The sin that I was born with, one that I never saw.

‘Original’ they call it, into which I was born.

I know now how it happened when innocence was shorn.

‘Can blame it on my parents,’ that dates way back when

Great Grand, a million times, in a garden it was then

When Eve, in disobedience, picked an apple, took a bite,

Then Adam spit the core out, and that started the fight.

The fight against the elements, once they were put out

When weeds sprung up, choked the crops, and one could hear Cain shout

In anger as he pulled those weeds that never should have been,

But that is the way it was.  It all started with sin!

One bright spot is Cain’s brother, who loved the sheep he raised,

Whistled as he herded them and watched them graze!

Why jealousy?  Why anger?  Too deep to recognize

The devils hand in progress, in Abel’s sad demise!

So this was sin, it was called, contributive to me

From which I could never, never, ever be free.

Until I turn it over to God, my Creator,

And Jesus takes it to the cross much, much later!

But know this was God’s thought before the “world’s foundation”

Was, is, and always shall be, way back, since creation!

Abel’s lamb, the lamb slain, (*) The Lamb of God forever!

Offered me!  I accepted, fear of hell?  No longer!



(*)” The Lamb slain before the foundation of the world…” Rev. 13:8



Sam Cox 4.29.05


In Crucified, Eternity, God, Jesus on October 20, 2014 at 8:28 pm

Now can anyone doubt God’s existence?

His watchfulness and His care,

First, His existence, just look around,

No, you will not see Him out there.



He is Spirit!  He is everywhere.

Look up.  Can you see vast space?

Just a bit of it, a very small bit

And you cannot see God’s face!



So many things we cannot see,

Admit it!  The wind that blows,

A gentle breeze, soon a hurricane!

All is still but the result shows.



Can see devastation everywhere!

Tsunami, just what controls?

Are any Buddhists waking up?

Many women want to know.



Suns and planets in limitless space,

Billions of suns we cannot see.

Enough heat  generated in space

To last through eternity!



A loving God!  Yes, He can control

The earth, the skies, the seas!

Not Neptune, nor Thor, no man as God

Not even Hercules!



God made trees, flowers that grow,

Corn and wheat to sustain!

Sure, one can curse God, if he desires,

And one can get used to pain!



But I choose God!  Just no other way

Someone out there really cares!

I am beggar enough to take what He gives.

I will take it, thank Him, and share.



Jesus, God’s Son, God, none the less.

Who was crucified by scum!

Rose from the dead, ascended above.

Someday will rule everywhere!



He rose from the tomb and ever lives!

And living, He signifies

That Satan is doomed for eternity!

It is certainly no surprise!



Sam Cox 4.28.05


In Crucified, God, Holy Spirit, Jesus on October 16, 2014 at 6:30 pm

The Holy Spirit, Comforter, not recognized by some,

Who many say go overboard, but what of the one

Or five out of ten who definitely believe.

Not just believe in but consistently receive.



Rejected Holy Spirit, the teaching, leading one

Jesus said, “I leave now but The Comforter will come…”

The Comforter, third person of the Trinity, we know

Dissected then ignored unrecognizable below.



Yes, He has a distant function; do you know?  Have you seen?

The power revealed at Pentecost, big change it would seem!

Twelve cowards turned courageous, preaching, healing everywhere!

Then Paul came and the twelve were quite eager to share.



They all suffered violent deaths, Peter asked to be

Crucified upside down, a close identity

To His Savior who died but arose again to live

And send the Holy Spirit, new courage to give!



In Heaven we will see Him for we will be spirits, too.

Jesus, Holy Spirit, and God, yes, it is true!

The three are still One!  Yes, One God over all,

I listened, responded, yes, He hears all who call!



The Holy Spirit now sustains us as we go.

He is with us and He guides us.  That is all we need to know.

Along with God, the Father, and Jesus who died.

And God, the Holy Spirit, with whom we abide!



Not confusing, God the Father, and of course, God the Son,

And God the Holy Spirit, He is with us everyone!



Sam Cox 4.26.05


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