Sam Cox


In Calvary, Christ, Grace on December 15, 2014 at 3:40 pm

What kind of fool I am though I long

For much more of Christ within.

I cannot seem to capture the song

Of praise in cleansing from sin!



He does cleanse, I know, when I beg

His blood that flowed from Calvary!

It is available still!  I surely know

Available to me!



I am not presumptuous, I know his blood

Avails for all who come!

The thief on the cross cried not in vain

He plead for forgiveness!  It was done!



Opportunities lost?  He does forgive.

Presumptuous I am not!

He forgave my calloused faithfulness

Buried my sin!  Forgot!



“…in the sea of His forgetfulness…”

He buried them long ago!

Upon my acceptance of His grace

And I have nothing to show—



Except forgiveness!  How deep my debt!

How can I just go my way,

Forgetful of all He has done for me?

My gratitude says, stay!



Yes, stay, abide in His tender love.

Divine forgiveness I claim!

How can I ever forget such love?

To live to please Him is my aim!



Sam Cox 6.7.05


In Eternity, God, Son of God on December 9, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Someone is up there listening, do not

Know how, do not know where!

Up or all around you sure I

Know He is everywhere!

How can this be?  Cannot see Him,

Rain is falling!  Just one spot?

Sun is shining, lights the sky up,

Night falls now, one black blot?

Cannot see Him!  Impossible to,

Cannot see all the stars that shine.

“God is Spirit!”  What does that mean?

Cannot see the spirit anytime!

How big is God?  How limitless is

Space?  Yet God is love!

Small enough to see your problem

Yet all around and above!

He sees everything and always!

So what then can we hide?

Everywhere in all creation!  Yet,

He is always by your side!

Can you dig it?  Sure, it cannot be!

How can this possibly?

How can God be everywhere?  But He is Spirit,

This I cannot see.

“No one has seen God the Father,”

No one at any time.

God the Son?  Yes, men beheld Him,

Truly man yet divine!

Quite enough for these eyes knowing,

Mind boggling though it be,

My spirit eyes can and do behold Him!

I will praise God eternally!



Sam Cox 6.10.05


In Christian, God, Heaven on December 8, 2014 at 8:21 pm

A good man has entered the City of God

And the golden streets welcomed him.

The dazzling light from the Father’s throne,

No shadows up there to dim!



For so many years his vibrant voice

Soared and echoed but now stilled.

Not stilled!  Some cannot help remembering

The messages their hearts thrilled.



Not satisfied with just a show of hands,

His voice rang with urgent appeal

Compelling more people to come to God

With an urgent one could feel!



And this was his manner of life with all!

Not at all unreasonable!

As heaven is real the alternative too,

And very conceivable!



I think a medal-of-honor will do

Presented by Father above

And a big, “Well done, my faithful servant,”

Enter these courts of love!



But, of course, I have not gotten there yet.

So what do I know?  This for sure,

I know that I will meet my good friend in heaven

His hope and his presence all pure!



Sam Cox 8.05


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